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Faraya Mzaar Ski Resort, Lebanon Lift Ticket Prices 2016


A few words about ski lift tickets in Mzaar, Lebanon.


For 2016 prices for ski passes at Mzaar have remained pretty much the same as last year.  The ski area is still divided in two domains, the Refuge domain, which is basically the slope in front of the InterContinental Mzaar, Lebanon Resort and Spa hotel and the Domaine du Soleil, which is what was previously known as the Jonction and Warde areas.  Multi day passes can be purchased from the ski resort office come with a sizable discount.  A five day pass for weekdays covering both the Junction and Warde ski areas costs only USD 104.  To get this deal you do need to bring a photo at the central ski resort office located 100 meters from the InterContinental hotel and purchase a multi day ski lift ticket there.


As a rule we at Varianos Travel do not include lift passes in our packages.  The main reason we do not, is because we feel customers paying in advance for something that they might not enjoy fully, or something they could get at the last minute for a better price and without much hassle,  is not good business.  During snow storms or heavy winds most of the lifts are not operating.  When the resort is not fully operational discounted tickets are sold to compensate for not being able to ski throughout the resort.  No refunds are given on pre bought tickets.


There are a number of easy to find locations that sell ski lift tickets with practically no waiting lines and all of them except one are located at the bases of the ski lifts.  For more information on ticket sale points visit the Faraya Mzaar ski resort map.



Prices for lift tickets 2015
Daily ski lift tickets for the Faraya Mzaar ski resort, Lebanon      
 Adults 2002 / Children 2003 / Free for kids under 5 (2009) - US Dollars 
 Ticket  Refuge Wardé & Jonction
W.End/Holidays Weekdays W.End/Holidays Weekdays
Adult Child Adult Child Adult Child Adult Child
 Day 63 50 33 27 47 37 26 20
 1/2 Day 37 20 27 17
 Baby Day         23 15
 Pedestrian TS         10
Multi day ski lift passes for the Faraya Mzaar ski resort, Lebanon      
 Free for kids under 5 (2009 - US Dollars       
Nb. Days  Discount Nb. Days  Discount Nb. Days  Discount      
- - 11 to 13 -30% 20 to 22 -45%      
4 to 7 -20% 14 to 16 -35% 23 to 25 -50%      
8 to 10 -25% 17 to 19 -40%      
Season passes prices                
 Skier:  ADULT  CHILD  CHILD          
Year of birth: 2002 2003 2009          
 Valid for all ski lifts (REFUGE)  795 596 66          
 Valid WARDE & JONCTION 546 430 50          
Season tickets are without insurance                
Passport photo is required for subscription                 


Ski Lift pass Faraya Mzaar, Lebanon


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